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about 2 years ago

Almost there! Submissions and presentation instructions

8:00 to 1:00 Hack! - Lunch will be served between 11:30 to 1pm   1:00 pm Post your solutions here: it is mandatory, and system closes automatically--no extensions. Solution must include: (a) Build a blockchain-based prototype for the solution proposed,submit it to GitHub and post the link to your submission.(b) Prepare a pitch to last 5 minutes and 2 minutes Q&A to deliver to both the Preliminary Pitches (you will receive feedback here) and Finalist Pitches.   1:00 pm head to the three rooms Societal, Ecological, Organizational. We will send you instructions right before.   3:30 pm head to the Hive (main room) for the final pitches, you will know your turn before to be ready. You will receive your timeslot for the pitches soon!     Remember that to post your solution on Devpost you need to 1. Create a project. 2. Once the project is on your portfolio, you can pick it to Submit.       Hi teams, please check to timeslots and rooms assignment. If you are not there, please let us know ASAP. AlgoMed - 1:30pm - Austin Anidasor-aba - 1:30pm - Boston BlockResume - 1:50pm - Austin Block-stars - 1:50pm - Boston Enable - 2:10pm - Austin Grades4Bits - 2:10pm - Boston Kaxan - 2:30pm - Austin Lord Of the lazy goats 2:30pm - Boston Stream 2:40pm Austin